Taper Roller Bearings

Characteristics of Tapered Tapered Roller Bearings

Tapered roller bearings are special (line contact) roller bearings in which the rolling elements have the shape of a truncated cone. The extension of the axes intersect on the shaft to be supported, which enables optimum running conditions and low-friction running in the bearing. In this type of rolling bearing, the cones run in the tapered ” shell ” of the outer ring (also called CUP) and on the taper of the inner ring, which is connected to the cage and the rolling elements. This inner part is also called “CONE”. Tapered roller bearings are usually made entirely of steel and are not self-retaining. Non-self-retaining means that the inner ring (with rollers) and the cage can be installed separately.

The geometrical relationships of the tapered roller bearing allow very high forces to be transmitted in the radial and axial directions. The axial load capacity is determined by the angle between the surface with which the outer ring encloses the rolling elements and the axis of the bearing. The greater this angle, the greater the axial load carrying capacity. The great advantage of tapered roller bearings is their extraordinary load carrying capacity and robustness. As a subgroup of rolling bearings, tapered roller bearings combine the best characteristics of radial ball bearings with those of cylindrical roller bearings

Tapered roller bearings are available in various designs and performance classes (very light to very heavy). In addition to the single row tapered roller bearing, designs include matched / double row tapered roller bearings (single row tapered roller bearings paired in X, O or tandem arrangement) and four row tapered roller bearings.

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The different designs of Taper Roller Bearing

Single row Tapered Roller Bearings

Single row tapered roller bearings can support both radial and axial loads (in one direction). For technical reasons, they must always be adjusted against another tapered roller bearing arranged in reverse. The bearing clearance of the complete bearing arrangement is therefore only determined during assembly. The add-on parts located between the two bearings can thus be used to set the optimum rigidity of the bearing arrangement for the application as well as the running accuracy.

Matched / Double row Tapered Roller Bearings

If the load carrying capacity of a bearing is insufficient or if the shaft is to be guided in both directions with a certain axial clearance, then matched / double row bearing sets are suitable. Depending on the application requirements, matched tapered roller bearings are available in various designs and variants:

  • Bearing sets in X arrangement

The X arrangement is simple in design and represents the most commonly used arrangement of matched tapered roller bearings. Here, the pressure lines converge towards the bearing axis. Axial forces from both directions are supported, but only by one bearing at a time.

  • Bearing sets in O arrangement

In contrast to the X arrangement, the pressure lines diverge towards the bearing axis. Here, too, the axial forces are absorbed from both directions and only by one bearing. Bearing arrangements in O arrangement are relatively rigid and can also support loads resulting from tilting moments.

  • Bearing sets in tandem arrangement

In bearing sets in tandem arrangement, the pressure lines run parallel to each other. Axial forces can only be supported in one direction. For this reason, a further tapered roller bearing is often added to this tandem pair in order to absorb the axial forces in the other direction.

Four-row designs

Four-row tapered roller bearings are used in particular in rolling mills as they can support maximum loads in the radial and axial directions and are designed for high speeds and shock loads. Four-row tapered roller bearings comprise two inner rings and the inner intermediate ring, three outer rings and two outer intermediate rings.

Axial Tapered Roller Bearings

Axial tapered roller bearings can support very high axial forces and are very rigid.

Axial tapered roller bearings are available in single direction and double direction designs. Single direction axial tapered roller bearings support axial forces in one direction. They comprise a shaft locating washer and a housing locating washer, into which tapered raceways are machined, and a cage with tapered rollers.

Double direction bearings support axial forces in both directions. They have a flat shaft locating washer and two housing locating washers. Tapered raceways are machined into the housing locating washers. A spacer ring between the housing locating washers guides the two cages with tapered rollers and determines the axial internal clearance.

Both types can be dismantled, which is why individual components can be fitted separately.


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