Pull-in force measuring devices

The Power-Check 2 and interchangeable adapters for common taper standards are now available in our online store!

Order your Power-Check 2 now!

The Power-Check 2 and interchangeable adapters for common taper standards are now available in our online store!

Order your Power-Check 2 now!

The respective machining quality is already decided during the clamping process, in which the tool is drawn into the spindle taper. If the clamping force required for this is insufficient, this can lead to vibrations during machining, which leave unclean machining marks on the workpiece. In order to ensure production quality, the tool pull-in force must therefore be checked regularly. 

Pull-in force testers offer a reliable and highly accurate testing technique for retrieving condition information. In addition to a gripper groove, this device has a long-life battery that enables mains-independent operation for up to 30,000 measurements. The measurement process starts automatically during the changeover process thanks to self-activation.

The POWER-CHECK 2 of OTT-JAKOB Spanntechnik GmbH

The POWER-CHECK 2 pull-in force measuring device measures the pull-in force in tool holders. For this purpose, the POWER-CHECK is guided into the tool holder. Once the clamping process is completed, the occurring force is recorded by the measuring system. It measures strain (tension rod with strain gauge full bridge) and then outputs calibrated force values. The accuracy class of the POWER-CHECK is 2 1% of the final value, referred to the basic device. In order to be able to guarantee optimum precision of the measurement for each interface, it is available in four basic versions.


Manual Operation: Here, the measured pull-in force is read directly on the display. In addition, the measured value is stored internally and can be logged with the POWER-CHECK 2 software, i.e. the USB interface.

Automatic Operation: In automatic operation, use from a tool magazine is possible. If the POWER-CHECK 2 is automatically moved into the clamping device, the internal motion detector switches the device from stand-by to ready for operation. This allows a long battery runtime. The measured pull-in force is stored internally and can be logged with the already mentioned PC software (USB interface).

Interchangeable adapters for each interface

For all common tool interfaces we offer the suitable adapters manufactured by OTT-JAKOB. Furthermore, the product range includes adapters with gripper groove, which allow automatic insertion of the device from the magazine position. In total, the POWER-CHECK 2 has a memory capacity for up to 4,000 data sets, which can be easily read out via a USB interface and the supplied software.

The USB radio stick assumes the role of receiver for the values transmitted by the POWER-CHECK 2. It has the ability to receive data from several transmitters. The received measurement results are displayed graphically in real time, saved and exported.

The POWER-CHECK-Magazine enables fully automatic feed force measurement and is a cost-effective solution. The results resulting from the device are sent to the RS485 bus antenna via a wireless connection. This capability makes the device ideally suited for measurement on machines that are difficult to access or for automation.

Unlike the adapter of POWER-CHECK 2, the adapter of POWER-CHECK Magazine is not interchangeable. The tester is supplied as a complete unit. The battery life is up to two years and allows a total of up to 30,000 measurements. With the help of the IP67 protection class, reliable operation is guaranteed even under the most demanding environmental conditions.

The RS485 bus antenna is a development for regular monitoring of the clamping force condition. The antenna receives measured values from the Power-Check Magazine infeed force measuring device. Due to the connection to the machine control, automated further processing of the received data is possible. The output of the measured data can take place in digital or analog form.

PACH Systems offers you a wide product range of different measuring devices to control the feeding force. For this purpose we cooperate with our long-term partners. Please let us know your requirements via our contact form. We will be pleased to submit you a non-binding offer or contact you to discuss the details.