Self-aligning ball bearings

Self-aligning ball bearings are originally an invention of SKF Kugellagerfabriken. This type of bearing has two rows of balls, each of which is guided in one of the two grooves of the inner ring. The outer ring, on the other hand, has only one, hollow ball-shaped groove for both rows of balls. This results in the great advantage of the self-aligning ball bearing: the inner ring, cage and balls can be swivelled by a few angular degrees from the centre position, whereby static and dynamic angular errors (misalignments between the inner and outer ring) can be compensated within certain limits. Due to this property, self-aligning ball bearings are particularly suitable for bearing arrangements where larger shaft deflections and misalignments are to be expected. Self-aligning ball bearings are able to absorb high radial and low axial forces from both directions. It should be noted that the radial load carrying capacity is lower compared to barrel bearings with line contact due to the point contact.

In addition to the property of being able to compensate for misalignments and shaft deflections due to angular mobility, self-aligning ball bearings have the lowest friction of all rolling bearings, which makes them run somewhat quieter and cooler at higher speeds. For this reason, self-aligning ball bearings are ideal for applications where a relatively low load is present and at the same time extremely smooth running is desired.

pendelkugellager geschwenkt
pendelkugellager mit breitem innenring

Self-aligning ball bearings are available in the basic version with both cylindrical and tapered bores. It should be noted that adapter sleeves are required for mounting the bearings with tapered bores. Furthermore, self-aligning ball bearings are available as bearings of the open basic design, sealed bearings and bearings with a wide inner ring. In the case of sealed bearings, attention must be paid to the reduced angular mobility. Bearings with a wide inner ring are particularly suitable for simple bearing arrangements with standard shafts and are also very easy to mount and dismount due to the tolerance of the bearing bore J7.

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